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The PLE (Personal Learning Environments) are the convergence point of all the discusion and practices related with the learning using technology. The fact that all the people have a personal environment for learning should be inherent to the fact that the people learn whole life long and at every moment, and in some cases in spite of it. Technologies have come to help us and by any way democratize the possibility to carry trought a personal learning project, and to have an environment where integrate it.


What does PLE do?

A PLE is all the tools and technological services we use to carry throught our training and learning.

For what should we use a PLE?

According to the use we do to our PLE, we will be doing different functions, some of them are the examples above:

  • Adaptable teaching and open learning
  • Global learning tool
  • All life long learning
  • For teaching
  • For countinuous training
  • For investigation
  • For formal and unformal education


Un PLE es la configuración personal o de la organización de las herramientas y servicios utilizados para el aprendizaje. A PLE is the personal or organization configuration of the used tools and services for the learning.

What tools can we use as conciliatories of all our PLE?

Some examples can be:

  • Symbaloo
  • iGoogle
  • Wordpress
  • Moodle
  • Joomla
  • Mahara

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